Spiritual Health Coaching

Using my intuitive guidance from creator, angels, spirit guides, and your higher self; I’m able to facilitate healing of the mind, body and spirit. I like to say facilitate because I cannot heal you. Only you can heal you! It is through coaching that I assist you in locating  painful emotions and subconscious limiting beliefs, then I hold the sacred space for you to allow source energy to heal you. You are in control, you decide if and when you will heal. AND when you are ready to learn how to gain access to your subconscious mind and facilitate your own healing, I’m honored to be your teacher. During the session we work on locating and clearing energetic blocks that are preventing you from healing. We end the session with an energetic healing from creator. The energy will continue to work in you over the next few days, each night as you sleep the energy integrates further and amazing things begin to occur.

Sessions are primarily done remotely over phone or Skype (joypond444). I can travel to your location, provided it’s in a safe location and without distraction. However you must live within 20 miles of Hudson, OH.

30 minute  – $65 Small Buy Now Button
60 minute  – $125 Small Buy Now Button
90 minute – $180 Small Buy Now Button
4 – 60 minute sessions –  $465 Small Buy Now Button

*After purchase please make sure to email me using the form below, please include the following information so I may respond and schedule the session:

  • Paypal confirmation #
  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone # or Skype address


Disclaimer: Must be 18 years of age or older. Joyous Healing LLC and Joy Pond are not held accountable for decisions made by the recipient/client. Spiritual health coaching sessions, readings and intuitive guidance are not to replace medical treatment, psychiatric treatment, or to act as legal or financial advice. If you have concerns in these areas, please consult a reputable professional in the respective field.  Any and all decisions and actions made by the individual requesting the service are the responsibility of that individual. By purchasing a spiritual health coaching session, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated by Joyous Healing LLC and/or Joy Pond.

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