Pet Healing

Animals have the uncanny ability to connect with us on a deep level, much deeper than most humans, due to our limited heart openness at this time. Animals are aware of energy and accept it as is. They do not need to change it to make it acceptable to them.

Primarily animals are here to show us how to love and open our hearts. They are the model.  They are also very emphatic due to their connection to energy, they can absorb and transform energy which makes them natural healers. Sometimes the energy they absorb from us, and also from the planet, can get stuck in their energy field and create sickness. Similar to humans, animals need love and acceptance to have a strong and healthy energy field.

I can work with your animal to unblock stuck energy which will allow them to heal. I can also communicate with them to understand their behavior and what they need in order to heal. Many times the animals we attract to us are mirrors of what  is going on in our own energy field, in which case the healing might need to occur with the owner in order for the animal to heal.

Sessions are primarily done by distance or by phone. However, I can travel to your location if you live within 20 miles of Hudson, OH.

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