Gemini Super Full Moon ~ December 13, 2016

This full moon is opening the hearts of many to receive more light energy. This light energy is encoded to repopulate our consciousness with divine understanding that will help draw ourselves out of the darkness and into the light. Things will be uncovered during this full moon of great magnitude. Many people will discover hidden secrets that were keeping them locked in certain thinking and thought patterns. When things are brought to light they can be dealt with and healed leading to freedom.  For some people this will manifest in the form of unrealized addictions being broken. For others this may manifest in the way of old patterns of thought being realized and released, with an understanding of how it has affected their life. On a larger scale this moon affect s the whole world which will cause hidden things to come to light with our governments, and businesses, and very likely media relations like TV networks, internet and entertainment. Continue reading

New Moon ~ November 29, 2016

This new moon is calling us to form new thinking and restore balance and harmony to the mind. The mind has been under assault from the litany of questions about what is going on in the world, what’s going to happen and when. Fear is causing this assault. The new moon energy is asking the collective to release the fear and advance our thinking beyond what we have believed to date. There is so much to uncover that we are being challenged to awaken to the vastness of who we are and what we are doing here.  It’s truly a new beginning, one that is asking for unlimited potential to exist and shape our understanding.

This new moon is also serving to advance the souls who are preparing to activate their energetic DNA within themselves. This DNA activation is on a nuclear level and is to serve the souls progressing beyond the 3d matrix. It’s about the movement to 12 strands of DNA which will allow the individual to progress into the higher levels of consciousness. Continue reading

Supermoon ~ November 14, 2016

The purpose of this supermoon is to enlighten those who have achieved a certain mastery over their emotions and their emotional state of being because now they are ready for higher states of consciousness. Only those who have mastery over their emotions and are living in a conscious state of awareness can achieve the elevation in consciousness, this is because the information released from the supermoon is encoded and requires certain milestones of development in order to be accepted. Only those intune will receive the information.

Those who are not in tune and are not living in a conscious state of awareness will experience some sort of devastation of their feelings because intuitively they were hoping they would achieve something that didn’t happen for them. There is no need to worry they will have more opportunities into the New Year. Continue reading

New Moon ~ October 30, 2016

The new moon will adjust the conscious awareness of those who have done the work to elevate their consciousness through diligent internal work. We need to have been building new systems and structures within to allow the energy to take hold and raise our vibration. If we have not released old thinking and old structures we will be limited in the push to raise the level of conscious awareness with this new moon.

Those who have done the internal work can expect a change in focus, which will bring in more light than ever before. This focus is on the evolution of our soul. This is when the soul is released to function in your conscious awareness and the Ego is pushed back. This new moon is marking the birth of our souls. We will continue to feel the energy flow of the moon like the tides which take the old out to sea and brings the new cleansed and purified to shore. Continue reading

Full Moon ~ October 16, 2016

We are all getting an overhaul with this full moon because it has new energy for the purpose of channeling our thoughts to a higher vibration. Our thoughts are magnetizing at a rapid rate, this is because we all need to raise our vibration another octave in order to keep pace with the planets ascension schedule. What is magnetizing thoughts? It is the way in which like attracts like. It is the law of attraction. Our thoughts are attracting good OR bad to us very rapidly so it’s extremely important to take stock and focus our intentions on only that which we WANT. Project positive vibes and love at all times. Continue reading