Angel Reading FAQ’s

1. What decks do you use when providing Angel guidance?

I use several different decks, I also like to mix decks together when I do readings. I really like Doreen Virtue decks, so I have a lot of hers. I also have some astrology and karma decks. I will most often get intuitive hits on which decks to use. If I’m not feeling anything in particular, I’ll ask the Angels and go with what they suggest.

2. What card layout(s) do you use?

My goto spread is past/present and future but I always ask the Angels how many cards. Depending on what I hear the spread can expand into much more. I also do special spreads depending on the topic and area of focus.

3. What can I expect to learn from Angel guidance with you?

My guidance is  always focused on healing. What do you need to know to heal, spiritually, emotionally and physically is always my goal. I’m not a fortune teller and I don’t like to do readings where that is the primary reason for purchasing a reading. Although there usually is some future timing aspect to the readings, depending upon the question or topic.

I will give you concrete advice from the Angels on what to do to heal yourself, move forward, and/or get clarity.

4. When will I receive my Angel guidance?

The average wait time is 7 days. But it really depends upon how many requests I get at any given time. I will definitely communicate via email or Skype should I foresee it taking longer than normal. When I offer free readings on occasion, the demand can get really high, and I can start to get back logged, but I always give priority to those who have paid for a reading.

5. What does the Angel guidance include?

A personal written report with image of the card spread.  The report will include an intuitive analysis of each of the cards. I pray over the cards and ask your guides and angels to provide the intuitive guidance before I interpret the cards. The guidance will end with what you need to do in order to heal the situation, or move forward.

6. What if the message has nothing to do with what I asked about?

Generally the Angels are very good about focusing on the topics that you have asked specifically about. Just be open to the answer, because it may not always be what you want to hear. The Angels will always give what you NEED to hear and it will always be in your highest and best.


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