Gemini Super Full Moon ~ December 13, 2016

This full moon is opening the hearts of many to receive more light energy. This light energy is encoded to repopulate our consciousness with divine understanding that will help draw ourselves out of the darkness and into the light. Things will be uncovered during this full moon of great magnitude. Many people will discover hidden secrets that were keeping them locked in certain thinking and thought patterns. When things are brought to light they can be dealt with and healed leading to freedom.  For some people this will manifest in the form of unrealized addictions being broken. For others this may manifest in the way of old patterns of thought being realized and released, with an understanding of how it has affected their life. On a larger scale this moon affect s the whole world which will cause hidden things to come to light with our governments, and businesses, and very likely media relations like TV networks, internet and entertainment.

The supermoon is also preparing those who are in service to others with a more refined sense of who they are. They will be revealing more of themselves to others with this moon. This is because we are beginning to uncover who we are, and as we realize and step into who we are, we will begin to reveal those aspect of ourselves to the collective world. As a result we will begin to attract more of the things, people and resources that align with who we truly are on a deep soul level, which is the expression of our spirit incarnate.

This will manifest for many as a feeling of wanting to get out there and be noticed. Many people will have a strong desire to create or redesign a website, posting more to social media, wanting to start or revamp writing projects and then get them out there and published, utube videos and vlogs, broadcasting, and podcasts.

We will be in the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde during this supermoon so those feelings will likely revolve around redesigning or revamping something you may have initiated before, or thought about and then lost interest. Or your interest may have shifted, and now you will need to readjust to make your project more aligned with what you know to be true of yourself now. This is a time to gather your forces and get clarity, rework plans and then when Mercury goes direct in January, LAUNCH!

Love and Light,


5 thoughts on “Gemini Super Full Moon ~ December 13, 2016

  1. Charlotte says:

    Joy when I was pre teen driving our boat, singing , the mountain had Joy written in snow. Conditions are so ripe for this moon then.
    Our friend has hit the streets due to addiction. Its crunch time. A scorpio. Its on my grand daughters saturn. We all need to see into those blocked places. Its back then to the yoga mat. Appreciation.


  2. Joy Noel says:

    Photographed the Super Moon last night, Monday 12/12 in Honolulu and a blue orb showed up buzzing around on my screen. Tonight the same thing happened, the very same blue orb was back. Even after I cleaned the lens. Not in every photograph but several. I found your nice blog wanting to learn if others are having the same experience.


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