New Moon ~ November 29, 2016

This new moon is calling us to form new thinking and restore balance and harmony to the mind. The mind has been under assault from the litany of questions about what is going on in the world, what’s going to happen and when. Fear is causing this assault. The new moon energy is asking the collective to release the fear and advance our thinking beyond what we have believed to date. There is so much to uncover that we are being challenged to awaken to the vastness of who we are and what we are doing here.  It’s truly a new beginning, one that is asking for unlimited potential to exist and shape our understanding.

This new moon is also serving to advance the souls who are preparing to activate their energetic DNA within themselves. This DNA activation is on a nuclear level and is to serve the souls progressing beyond the 3d matrix. It’s about the movement to 12 strands of DNA which will allow the individual to progress into the higher levels of consciousness.

Many of us  will experience individually where our consciousness limitations exist. This may cause us to question our beliefs and act on a new form of thinking. This may create discord in our environment so we  will begin to question our beliefs on a cellular level. This is a good thing and is only serving to further align each of us to a new and more evolved way of thinking. Our cells communicate with each other and are responding to the collective consciousness, as the collective evolve it creates pressure on each of us through our cellular structure. This is because we are all connected, there is truly no separateness.

True collective consciousness exists to create a paradigm of thought for the purpose of evolvement. The evolvement of the planet and the souls on the planet have been designed to think alike for the betterment of society. Not to be confused with robots who cannot think for themselves, but  referring to a common understanding and desire for being in existence together. When we think alike we are able to create a unified world of understanding. When the collective consciousness is creating from fear and control we will have chaos, when the collective consciousness is creating from love and understanding we will have peace and unity. This understanding is necessary to evolve us from the fear based polarity and shift us to love.

Love & Light,



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