Supermoon ~ November 14, 2016

The purpose of this supermoon is to enlighten those who have achieved a certain mastery over their emotions and their emotional state of being because now they are ready for higher states of consciousness. Only those who have mastery over their emotions and are living in a conscious state of awareness can achieve the elevation in consciousness, this is because the information released from the supermoon is encoded and requires certain milestones of development in order to be accepted. Only those intune will receive the information.

Those who are not in tune and are not living in a conscious state of awareness will experience some sort of devastation of their feelings because intuitively they were hoping they would achieve something that didn’t happen for them. There is no need to worry they will have more opportunities into the New Year.

For those who have not mastered their emotions this moon will shed a light on their deficiencies and require them to reveal what is lacking in them, this can feel emotional and require introspection to be able to heal.

Those who are living from a conscious state of awareness will receive the focus needed to integrate the supermoon energy and to adapt to the higher level of consciousness that is now available. We will feel our brain expand from so much matter that we will feel overwhelmed with grief. The matter is our new way of being. The grief is a signal that our ego is gone and our soul has emerged. The grief will subside but it is a process resulting from our attachment to ego for so so long.

For those who are able to receive and integrate this energy, the body will feel lighter because it has transformed due to the integration of certain light codes that are making the body more useful in the higher frequencies of light.  The light body will incorporate these new lights energies and allow for us to release unwanted toxic waste so that we can feel better. The light energy will wreak havoc on our digestion if we haven’t been doing the work to detoxify and clean up our diets.  Drink lots of fluids and avoid eating processed foods to assist the integration.


Love & Light,


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