Full Moon ~ October 16, 2016

We are all getting an overhaul with this full moon because it has new energy for the purpose of channeling our thoughts to a higher vibration. Our thoughts are magnetizing at a rapid rate, this is because we all need to raise our vibration another octave in order to keep pace with the planets ascension schedule. What is magnetizing thoughts? It is the way in which like attracts like. It is the law of attraction. Our thoughts are attracting good OR bad to us very rapidly so it’s extremely important to take stock and focus our intentions on only that which we WANT. Project positive vibes and love at all times.

This full moon is re-energizing our chakra system so that we can integrate these new energies at a faster rate, we are accelerating and our bodies need to be able to keep up. Diet is very important now! Detoxing is crucial…. juice cleanses and raw food is coming to the forefront because our bodies need to clear out toxic sludge. The toxins do not allow the vibrations to crystalize our bodies. We need to be eating high vibrational foods to keep our energy up. This is because animal fats and animal proteins are very dense and carry negative vibrations. This puts a monkey wrench in our frequency and causes resistance in the body. The body needs to be able to let go and flow with the new energies. If you are feeling resistance in your body in the form of aches and pains, stiffness, lethargy you may want to try and change your diet and see how you feel. The moon is trying to crystalize our physical bodies by showing us resistance so we can change our habits now. Toxins cannot live in a highly alkaline environment. Which ends up being mostly organic fruits and veggies. Do what resonates for you of course.

What does crystalize mean? We are resonating in a form that has dense vibration, crystalizing is the rate at which our bodies vibrate to new higher states of energy. Our dense life forms cannot exist in a highly alkalized state and remain on the planet with this new energy. All our systems and functions are upgrading so that we can vibrate in tune with the new energies. The term crystalize is used to project the new state in which we will all begin to vibrate. When I see visually the term crystalize…..I see white quartz which is clear and refractive of light….I also see violet strongly which is the higher states of consciousness, then I see the colors of the rainbow being projected from our crystal bodies which is our chakra system open, clear and projecting in alignment with source energy. When I see our bodies in the current dense state, I see dark brown which appears to me as a sludge. It feels unclear and unfocused. It feels like being stuck in the mud, it also feels like what I feel after eating a heavy meal, where I’ve overeaten on all the wrong food and I just want to lay down and take a nap.

We are seeing the effect of our thoughts in form now and we are being shown subconsciously where our lives have held on too tight to beliefs, these are manifesting into form by way of circumstances that need our attention now. Know that what is revealed during the 3 days leading up to the full moon and 3 days after are here to show us where to release karmic ties that are no longer serving us. Pay special attention to dreams as most will receive illumination in the dream state. Write down your dreams and contemplate what they are trying to show you. Pray on it, ask for clarity and understanding of the dream. Ask the angels to assist you, then go on a long walk and see if things are put into perspective for you. Acknowledge what comes up and release it.

Love & Light,


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