New Moon ~ September 30, 2016

The heart transition is underway!

You will see new waves of energy which will open hearts to the fact that they are different now. They made it through the eclipses transformed in some way shape or form. The new moon will begin to shift the new vibrations so that they can be incorporated into the collective consciousness as early as Wednesday before the new moon.

This new moon is asking us to betray our ego by allowing a new way of being to remain. The ego has subscribed to a certain way of being and now it’s being asked to take a step back and let the heart drive. The ego will see this as a betrayal and the ego doesn’t take lightly to betrayal, so expect delays in consciousness.  The collective consciousness is essentially a program, it will need to be integrated and accepted….the ego will try to delay the integration, but it cannot be avoided it will happen with or without the ego’s permission because this is where we are now in our evolution, however depending upon our level of awareness many will feel an internal struggle happening, confusion and possibly depression about what is about to occur. This is temporary and will pass.

We as a collective are making our wishes and dreams known from the heart for the first time. This New Moon marks the beginning of the heart transition that will take approximately 3 months to fully integrate for most.

What should we do with this new energy? Mediate and really get in touch with what your true heart desires, not what your ego would desire but at a deep soul level what you desire. Announce it to the universe through prayer and reflection. This energy is really powerful and can provide for instant manifestations if we are clear and it’s from the heart.

Realize that not everyone can integrate this vast amount of energy at the same time, we are going through waves of energy now that are preparing this transition. We will not all shift at the same time so be patient with yourself and loved ones, they will all be in varying stages of the integration and their emotions will reflect what stage they are in.

The 1st stage is denial that anything is happening, they will feel unapproachable and somewhat disoriented but they will pretend everything is alright. During this stage unrecognizable emotions will bubble to the surface and will need to be dealt with. Fears are prevalent during this time. The purpose here is to allow yourself to feel what comes up and resolve the differences. Masking these feelings with alcohol, drugs or any other self-medicating stimulus will not work and only delay the process.

The 2nd stage: This is full on acceptance and in the flow of life. These people will want everyone to share in their joy and be very vocal about what they are feeling. They don’t understand why everyone doesn’t feel the same way. Causing the 1st staggers to withdrawal more from them. In this stage the full integration hasn’t happened yet and they are getting a euphoric feel from the energy. Its excitement and anticipation of something getting ready to happen.

The 3rd stage is about settling into the new energy and understanding what just happened on a cellular level. Your whole body will start to vibrate at a higher frequency and you may feel symptoms like aches and pains that are unexplainable. Teeth hurting etc… In this stage the energy wants you to allow it to carry you without you trying to pull it somewhere. In this stage it’s important to feel the energy working and know that you are being guided to the next right move. It should feel effortless. Not pushy. When we push with this energy the body will meet resistance and fell very uncomfortable in its own skin, it will not want to go where you are trying to direct it. Slow down and realize you are getting used to being in the present moment. Enjoy where you are, release any feeling that you need to be somewhere else. Soon you will be guided to your next destination but until that happens, nice and easy is the name of the game.

In the 4th stage you will feel a new sense of who you are, things will begin to click into place like a missing puzzle piece. This means the underpinnings of the energy has to stick to you like glue attaching fully, it’s a process and everyone is different and dealing with different stages. Try to show love and understanding for each other during this process. During this stage you are ready to allow yourself to shine for who you truly are. This will feel exhilarating and much of your past disappointments will come to a close.

The final stage is a mastery stage, this is where the magic begins and you step into your gifts, a lot will have been uncovered during this process and you will not truly appreciate where you have been until you arrive here.

How long each stage takes depends on our level of awareness and our ability to transcend our beliefs. If you are stuck in one stage for a long period of time it might be worthwhile to seek assistance from those who have abilities to assist. The answers reside within you and you are in control of how quickly you move through the stages. If you are not satisfied with your progress go within to figure out what is happening or ask for help.

Sending love & light,








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