Full Moon Eclipse Energy Update

~ September 14, 2016

We are leading into the full moon lunar eclipse which will occur on September 16th, 2016. This is  a huge transformational breakthrough which I wrote about in my eclipse post last week so I will not repeat it here. Today I asked to receive an energy update for us all leading into the eclipse event. Below is the message I received.

We are all expanding awareness to reach new heights in our understanding which is creating great strife within. This strife is due to our subconscious beliefs that do not align with our new understanding. We are feeling painful emotions surface, painful events are happening to trigger us so we can be released. Many of us won’t understand this process or how to release our pain. The collective is in need of wayshowers to show them how.

Many wayshowers will step up and come out of the shadows to assist in this process so do not fret. All is occurring as it should. There is no need to fear, or respond to your reality with fear. Help is on the way.    Many of us are resetting our expectations on what we can do now. We are afraid to take action out of disbelief. We are not trusting our compasses because after all that’s what got us here to begin with. We just need to understand how to calibrate our compasses. The wayshowers can help.

The wayshowers are beings who have agreed to incarnate now and undergo deep cleansing of their own karmas in order to provide guidance and clarity to others who are still mired by their karma. Karma is the beliefs from our actions we have accumulated over centuries of incarnating on this planet. Beliefs about our right or wrong actions create karma. It’s the belief that if we do harm, harm will be done to us. When we do harm to others, subconsciously we feel responsible, we carry guilt, fear, pain, regret, cords of attachment to the pain etc…. When others harm us we feel guilt, pain, fear, hatred, resentment, unforgiveness, etc — all that has to go.

The only way to make it through this energy over the next several years is to release our beliefs which create our karma. The old paradigm is ending and the new is arriving. So we are moving away from cause and effect and into love and understanding.

Sending you Love & Light,


3 thoughts on “Full Moon Eclipse Energy Update

  1. Falcon Britt says:

    Yes!! The big nasty subconscious beliefs are surfacing with a vengeance. Exactly what is happening with me. Thank you for the information download. You are a blessing! Hoping this will clear out the last of the worst beliefs that no longer serve (one can only hope). Although I know we are always evolving and will always be outgrowing beliefs, some of these involving self-esteem have been crippling. Hopefully releasing them will take us to a new level. Many blessings, and keep up the good work.

    I am wondering about the arrival of way-showers, however. If they are just being born, it may be 20 years – or some years, anyway – before they can help us out. The world feels like it needs them now. Or would that “them” be “us”, LOL? If so, as Pogo said in the comic strip, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


    • Joy Pond says:

      There are wayshowers that have peaked several years ago and have been showing us the way thus far, some are peaking now, and some will be peaking later on. The process will be happening for years to come as we are all evolving and coming to our truths at different times and stages. I’ve had to release a lot on self esteem this whole year, doing a lot of digging in my subconscious mind to get to the root.I believe I’ve got it healed now, but time will tell.


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