Ascension Symptoms – Do we really need to suffer?

A message to lightworkers going through the first waves of ascension

What are ascension Symptoms?

Ascension symptoms are the body’s way of getting your attention so that you can realize the information and makes sense of it. We are beacons attracting our own ascension from the universe. Each one of us has to release beliefs tied to ascension before we can manifest if fully for ourselves. We are continually growing and evolving, with each layer of growth we ascend a little more. When we are stuck it’s because we have layers of growth trying to be realized and released. Until we learn the lesson we cannot move forward in ascension.

The universe is pushing us to ascend because that is the energy in the universe now, it’s drawing us to it through our beacons. We all must ascend if we are going to live on this planet because the planet is ascending. It is tilting back towards its original location in the cosmos before the fall of mankind.

There are a litany of symptoms that many are feeling, for lack of a better term we are calling them ascension symptoms. They run the gamut depending on your belief systems and the current energies in the ethos.

Symptoms can range from……

Tunneling in the ear, ringing in the ear, high pitched tones in the ear, tingling of the scalp, sharp pain like a piercing of your energy in the scalp region, these symptoms generally indicate downloads and transmissions from above. They are giving you knowledge and information needed for your ascension and life purpose. Some of them come from source energy as commanded, some come from your home planet and/or realms.

Fatigue, weight gain, various aches and pains, joint soreness, vertigo, migraines, breakouts, itching, anxiety, depression, pressure, and on and on…..

Do we really have to suffer?

We are suffering through many of these symptoms because we are learning to transform our belief systems. When a symptom presents itself, it is telling you that a belief, feeling or emotion is tied to it. Your job is to identify the belief, feeling, or emotion and release it. To understand in more detail read my article on Universal flow.

How do we overcome these symptoms? Most require healing like any other illness which also present symptoms. As above so below. All that we are experiencing in the physical began first in the spiritual realm. To heal at the root we must identify the spiritual cause and heal it. How do we heal it? That depends on you individually.

Do you know how to heal it on a spiritual level?  Do you understand the truth, or the source of the symptom? We cannot solve a problem, or in this case a symptom, from the same consciousness that created it. We must have a higher perspective. Creators’ perspective or source energy’s perspective is the highest truth I know.

By downloading Creators definition and perspective we can give ourselves the higher understanding needed to heal or shift the belief. If we don’t know how, we can download the how from creator. Many times this is all that is needed to shift the energy and release the symptoms. If there are deeper beliefs at play, that are a result of karma, negative thought patterns, deep wounds of emotional pain – past life or this life etc… then more digging and healing work is needed in order to release the stuck thought forms, patterns, and emotions. Once released the symptoms will dissipated, sometimes immediately, sometimes over the next several days as the energy works its way through.

Ascension symptoms are not something we just need to endure as part of the process. Our body is telling us something and it’s our job to listen and act upon that information. When I hear all the stories of people suffering ascension symptoms for long periods, like years, week’s months, my heart goes out to them, because it isn’t necessary or even required.

I’m no different, I am experiencing and have been experiencing very similar symptoms. The only difference is I have learned how to tune in and find the source of the symptom, then heal it without it lingering too long. Some symptoms last a few days and don’t need healing they are just spontaneously releasing. When they come up for release I might feel some discomfort for a short period then it passes. Any symptom that lingers for longer than one day really has something deeper at play and needs to be investigated. Although, I’ve gotten headaches and tuned in immediately, finding the issue and resolving it without waiting to see if it passes, so its best to tune into all symptoms as they present. Before I developed my intuition I used muscle testing or a pendulum to get access to my subconscious to ask questions of what was happening, then I would journal the answers. Anyone can do the same.

There are many healers on the planet at this time, they can assist you until you learn to do it for yourself. We will start to see even more healers coming out from the shadows. They are learning to step into their power so they can assist, we are going to see more and more of these symptoms and more and more on a mass level. Healers will be in large demand, and that’s a good thing because it’s why they chose to come here and experience all of this now.

Why am I going through this when people around me seem to be fine?

Some souls are more divinely guided than others. They have a special mission to carry out and its part of their soul contract. The first wavers of ascension are the lightworkers, their codes are being activated first, they are divinely guided by a special mission, a soul contract; they are the wise ones, they have incarnated on this planet the longest, and have the most wisdom and healing gifts. Which is precisely why they are chosen to go first. If the rest of mankind went through this now, they would surely bale for it would be too much for them to endure, they don’t have the tools nor have they developed their gifts enough to overcome the challenges.

Those of us in the first waves will experience the most pain and adjustment. It’s tougher for us because we are first. We are learning what all this is and how to overcome it, so we can guide the subsequent waves. At some point in the very near future you will be called into service if not already. The subsequent waves will begin to activate and they will be lost and in pain. Having been through this already you will be in a unique position to help them. How that manifests for you depends on your divine purpose, your soul contracts, and the skills and talents that you have accumulated over many lifetimes of doing this type of work. Whatever it is you will be doing.

Is everybody else ascending too?

Some souls have decided not to ascend and are experiencing tremendous loss of appetite, nausea and relapse of diseases which is causing great fatigue, and personal loss. They are not seekers, so please don’t think because you have some of these same symptoms that you have chosen not to ascend. If you are seeking you are ascending, but you do have the choice to bale or proceed on, as do they when certain astrological doorways open.  They are feeling these things because they have manifested a life that they didn’t intend on manifesting. They came here for one thing but found out they were unable to overcome their challenges; they lacked the strength, motivation and most importantly the desire to overcome. They have spiraled too far down the rabbit hole to ever get back up at this point.

They have not been able to keep up with the pace of their growth continuum and there are many reasons why but the big ones are; fear, beliefs, and karma. Many are too afraid to accept the initiations required to ascend at this time. As we are all finding, ascending on this planet during this time is not easy. They feel it’s easier to transition and help mankind from the other side, doing their growth work from the spirit realm than it is to stay and do the work in this world. There is no judgment, it’s a personal choice, and we all have free will and get to choose.

Some souls are choosing to leave the planet because it’s their soul contract, they came here to assist the ascension of the planet by sacrificing their lives. There are many natural disasters and mass violence on a global level happening at this time and will continue to happen through this ascension process. They are horrific and hard to experience events. What is occurring when these events happen is a large outpouring of love, unity, and an understanding of how we are truly one. When something bad happens to another it happens to us as well at some level. We begin to feel tremendous compassion and love for those who are experiencing such pain and violence, to the extent our hearts bleed for them, our tears shed for them. All those feelings and expressions of love are transforming the planet and helping it to heal and ascend. All the lives lost, as hard as it is to understand chose to participate in the event to help us ascend. It’s a tremendous sacrifice and one that they chose on a deep soul level.


Love & Light


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