This weeks astrological energy, what is it telling us?

This is a powerful week, many astrological configurations forming now. I began feeling it at the end of last week and very strongly into the weekend. What does it all mean?

Jupiter/Mercury Conjunction in close proximity to Venus

The human mind carries 2 dimensions Left and Right. We must learn to integrate the two in order to perform from the heart. With this conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury we are learning how to integrate the divine masculine with the divine feminine. Jupiter is teaching us how through mercury’s analytical mind.

Mercury is technical, analytical and it is practical. We are none of those things, we are all heart. From the heart all things can be seen, heard and felt. The mind cannot do these things.

Jupiter wants us to realize the mind is one not two. The mind needs to come together as one and operate as one integrated version. Jupiter wants to teach us how to let go of our ego mind and replace it with our heart. Jupiter will expand our hearts so that we can realize what the mind is not. It is not what we are. It is only a lens of what we think we are. Only the heart knows the truth. We are learning so we can let go of the ego. Only the truth will set us free.

Venus is the bringer of light, for the heart to expand it needs source energy. Venus wants us to reach up and grab the divine feminine energies and step into our rightful power as Gods and Goddesses. Only those who are ready to step into their divine feminine power will get to experience this glorious event. All other must wait until they have ascended enough.

Saturn/Mars Conjunction

Saturn is preparing us for our destiny. Mars is providing the will power to follow through on our desires. The planets are aligning, working together to give us a breakthrough of epic proportions. If we have been doing the work, releasing our karma, shifting our beliefs and healing, then we will experience a major breakthrough. If we have been denying and resisting the energy we may get knocked on our proverbial behinds. We get to choose how we want to experience the energy.


Love & Light,


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