Solar Eclipse in Leo – Sept 1, 2016

We as a collective will desire to change drastically from the inside out. We are not happy with the foundations we’ve built and desire a change at a deep soul level. As a result, foundational structures are eroding and breaking down. Both internally and in the physical world. This eclipse is allowing us to wipe out what is no longer serving our psyche. It’s a psychological clearing out so that we can build new structures that align with our current hearts desires.  Our hearts are getting a massive clearing out as well, which is preparing for the transition from our ego to our hearts which will happen later this fall after the energy calms down a bit.

Desires are our hearts expression of our soul. During this time and into the months afterward, our hearts will be expressing a lot of newness….I’m seeing it as a very soft fleshy ball with baby skin, newly birthed and protected, waiting for just the right time in development to breakthrough. When each of us sees a breakthrough, will depend largely on the amount of clearing work we’ve done leading up to the eclipses. This breakthrough is tied to our karmic releases so keep in mind that the eclipse energy lasts for about 6 months so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see your breakthrough immediately. If you haven’t done the work your breakthrough may be on a small scale, but a breakthrough nonetheless.

How do we release our karma to make the most of this eclipse season?

Karma is timed and each person has their own divine timing. Our karmic release is dependent upon our level of awareness and largely our subconscious beliefs. Without access to our subconscious mind we may feel like a prisoner in our circumstances with no power to change. This is only an illusion! To change our lives we need access to our subconscious mind which IS obtainable by everyone. That’s when the magic begins to happen, the way forward become much smoother and we can obtain peace.

There are many healers and light workers, myself included, on the planet at this time, they have chosen to awaken early and go through the massive changes the collective is beginning to experience, and this is so they can help us all make the shift more easily. They are paving the way so that the masses don’t have to experience what they went through. We don’t have to take the hard road when we have access to so many light workers who are here in service to the collective. It’s their soul contract, take advantage.

What will happen in-between the solar and lunar eclipse?

We will see a flushing out of beliefs stored in our subconscious that is inoperable outdated programing, causing clutter and annoyance. This flushing out period, approximately 2 weeks will prepare the way for our lunar eclipse which will be the final breakthrough event. Watch out because this will be big and on a much grander scale than the solar eclipse. I will speak more on the lunar eclipse in the coming weeks.

What will we experience physically and emotionally during this flushing out period?

You may feel nausea, experience migraines, anxiety, a feeling of being wound tight and somewhat out of control, erratic behavior, and a feeling of being all over the place emotionally. This is normal, its part of the letting go process and its supposed to be uncomfortable. Do the best you can to exercise, eat healthier and treat yourself with extreme self-care. Rest when you need it, stay away from toxic people, and slow down. Ground yourself every day is also very helpful. Imagine roots coming out of your feet and grounding deep into the core of the earth.


Love & Light,


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