Jupiter is in a new area of the sky – What will we experience as a collective over the next year?

Jupiter is allowing the collective the ability to heal deep painful wounds and releasing them for cleansing and purification over the next year, due to its aspect with Chiron the wounded healer. Chiron’s energy is infusing expansive Jupiter and creating a bridge for the collective.

Jupiter is creating a new paradigm infused with wisdom and higher thinking. Jupiter is expressing this wisdom in order to align us with our destinies.

The release of karmic patterns is taking hold with a new framework to delve into the subconscious mind like never before. Many will learn to access the subconscious mind, shifting beliefs and releasing of their karmic patterns. Karma is a major theme now and into the next year. We have to burn off our karma in order to ascend. This can be a painful process because in order to release these things need to come to the surface (our awareness) where we can see and feel them. This can be very uncomfortable but the release is worth it 100 fold.

We will be seeking more knowledge than ever before, true knowledge from our divine source, not the fake media fed knowledge from those in power.

Ideals will shift and power structures will collapse because many will no longer buy the stuff the media and those in power are selling. Our own intuition will become stronger and we will not want, or need to rely on others for their thoughts or opinions as we have in the past.

Love and Light,


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