Sidereal or Tropical Zodiac – What’s the truth?

I’m going to preface this post with the declaration that I have zero scientific experience or data to back up this post. I have studied Vedic astrology for the past 4 years and really struggled with the question of which zodiac should I follow.  Sidereal or tropical? When I first began, I learned using the sidereal zodiac, it was only after studying what others were saying and the results they were getting, then testing my own chart did I decide to switch to the Tropical zodiac. As my ascension and awakening progressed, I began to practice intuitive astrology and some of what I was getting energetically with the planets didn’t line up with what I would expect with sign placement. It occurred to me to pose the question to my higher self and see what I received. Below is the message I channeled…….

What is the correct astrology to follow Sidereal or Tropical? You are following the zodiac not the signs. The signs are meaningless. The zodiac is the zodiac regardless of sign placement. Sidereal is the ancient markings of our world as it was in the beginning of time.  As the earth shifted we began to descend into darkness. The earth as it stands today is in the wrong placement of the universe, it will begin to shift back to its original location over the next 2,000 years.

Just because the Earth is in its current location doesn’t preclude the sidereal zodiac.  Why use the tropical Zodiac? It is the zodiac that brought pain and suffering to the world and is accurate to the extent that it’s where the world is now, but not to the extent that the outer planets react to the world.  The outer planets are still responding to the earth from a sidereal zodiac alignment. If you are reading the energy of the planets you are better served with the sidereal zodiac. If you are concerned with the sign placement relative to earth then you are really following the tropical zodiac.

With this new understanding I will be removing my tropical chart calculator and replacing it with a sidereal chart calculator. All my astrology forecasts from this point forward will be based on the energy of the planets from the sidereal zodiac. Although they generally were because I was doing more intuitive astrology, but you will notice a difference in the signs.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, I totally understand! I have learned over time and much growth, painful growth, to trust my intuition over the data, beliefs, and thoughts of others or even the collective as a whole.


Love & Light,


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