Saturn moves direct on August 13, 2016 – What can we expect?

The earth will feel more liberating because Saturn’s draw on us will be less explosive. The masses will experience lots of healing energy from within. The energy of Saturn is pulling from Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter just moved into Virgo on August 11th according to the sidereal zodiac. This configuration is awakening the healing within us.

Some will heal, some will awaken their healing powers, and others will perform healing. Keep in mind this is on a mass level so you will begin to see a shift on the collective towards healing and the healing arts. Many will seek healers and teachers of healing at this time.  Light workers get ready! You are about to get busier and your services are drastically needed at this time more than ever.

Saturn’s energy at this time is preparing us for our destinies by releasing Karma that no longer serves us. This karmic release will be very healing and provide us with creative expression from our heart space. Karma is stored in the heart and keeps the heart closed. As we transcend our Karma our hearts will expand and open, allowing more peace and love to permeate the planet.

Saturn is the General of the Army and leads the charge for all of our awakening, regardless of what the other planets are doing. Saturn is now aligning with the other planets in such a way that is allowing them to release their natural energy so we can transform our thoughts, and thinking patterns, heal our emotions and expand our hearts.

Saturn is normally the restriction and limiter, the controller of our Karma, but now Saturn wants us to heal and release. This is huge!’

Love & Light,


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