Aquarius Full Moon Forecast

The purpose of this full moon is to enlighten the masses with new thought patterns and transformative messages of new age realizations. We are being showered from above with transforming thoughts at this time. We are going to realize why we are here and begin to awaken to our purpose on a mass level. Please know this is not the flip of a switch, this energy combined with the eclipses will spark another shift, which for the masses began in 2015 and will end in 2018. At least until the next eclipse cycle of evolvement. Depending on your encoding this shift will unfold for each of us differently and in accordance to your divine timing.

The full moon this month is rather unique because it’s an almost lunar eclipse, which is instilling a transformative nature to our lunar cycle in preparation for the full eclipses in September.

Bottom line we are being asked to transform and there’s a lot of heavy lifting to do energetically in order to get us to move. This full moon is getting a boost to help with the clearing out process. It’s basically a full moon release on steroids. Then September 1st we have an annular solar New Moon eclipse in Virgo, and 2 weeks later on September 16th a penumbral lunar Full Moon eclipse in Pisces. I’ll speak more of the eclipses in the coming weeks.

This moon is designed to be a prep for the full energy of the eclipses. It’s a buildup, a priming of the pump so to speak. There’s a lot of energy in the ethos that has been causing havoc on the collective. The energy in the ethos is a toxic sludge of illusion created to keep us locked into a pattern of thinking and a certain way of doing things. This energy will clear away some of the muck to make room for us to get crystal clear when the full eclipses come through and cut away what is no longer working for us.

The Aquarius moon is shining a light for the collective, showing us that the old paradigms are not working. We will see a breakdown in structures of old with new unique trails blazing the way. These new trails will seem foreign to our traditional way of thinking, and seeing the world, it will feel unsettling like we are on unsure footing and about to fall. Many will revolt in laughter or anger, with ‘the sky is falling’ mentality. Please know this is not the case, all is happening for the building of a new world of peace and understanding. As odd or strange as things may seem, it’s creating the way for new and better structures. Embrace the changes, do not revolt. You will be pleased that you did in the end. I promise!

Make the best use of this energy by sharing thoughts that uplift humanity and instill creative forces within. Share thoughts that inspire others as they will need it during this time. Be the bright light and shine it brightly – lead by example. Your light can be the saving grace for someone else in darkness. We are in trying times and many are struggling with all that is being asked of them energetically. Those with more awareness and understanding, who have already been through the 1st waves will need to be beacons for those coming up and struggling to make the shift.

Love and Light,



5 thoughts on “Aquarius Full Moon Forecast

  1. Joy Pond says:

    It was brought to my attention that I put the wrong date in the image. The full moon is on the 18th not the 15th. Usually when this happens to me its a freudian slip so I decided to tune in and see exactly why this mistake occurred. The message I received was that I was expressing my dissatisfaction with the full moon date because the Moon will actually be expressing her peak energy on the 15th.


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