2016 Lions Gate Portal

The Lions gate portal opens the realm between heaven and earth where the collective can access divine intervention. We are energetically attached at all times to this realm, but during August 8-12th when the sun is in Leo, the veil is much thinner and we can receive divinely blessed communication, and guidance more easily. Our higher selves can then bring into existence synchronistic events, clarity, people, plans, and signs, which if acted upon bring us closer to our purpose, or what it is that we want to create here in the physical world.

There are two very important activities we should do to make the most of this access.

  1. Meditate daily! It’s the most important, I can’t stress it enough! Our higher selves will speak to us during meditation; ideas will come to light, solutions to problems will arise, and clarity will surface.
  2. Work on our shadow side, we’ll have greater access to the subconscious beliefs stored there. A light will be shown upon our shadow side making it easier to release and heal.

We might feel more unrest at this time because something is unsettled and needs to be looked at. We may even want to hide from it, but mustering the courage to dig deep for answers will be of huge benefit during this time. If we are able to face our shadow side courageously we’ll be able to reap great rewards through emotional blocks being lifted and abundant thinking. This will make the road ahead much smoother.

With the opening of the Lions gate portal we are seeing the results of the heavens opening and speaking to us. We are being told to move it along now. No time to wait! Many of us have been feeling restless and bored and want to make a change but we’ve have been held back for some time.  The time to take action on our dreams is now. We are given the green light to go. This astrological configuration is allowing us to create our desired future. Getting clear on what we want is of extreme importance. That’s why mediation is so key in order to get clarity on what it is we DO want, and what is no longer serving us, then cutting it out of our lives.

As a collective we have been getting mass downloads and upgrades leading up to the portal opening. Now is the time to take action on the upgrades and downloads we have been receiving.

The Lions gate portal opens every year at this time but this year is different. This year we are experiencing a full paradigm shift, our thinking, our vibration, our chakras, our entire energetic system has been upgraded. Those who did not allow the upgrades will experience suffering at their own hand. They will not be able to last long in this new energy, it will be too painful and too much light for them to withstand and some may decide to transition. If this happens, know that it is of their own free will and choice, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Since the Leo New Moon on August 2nd and a little before for the highly sensitive souls, our hearts have been preparing for a heart transition, which really is about moving from ego to heart thinking.  The full transition will take place into the fall after the eclipses and the energy has settled down some.  You may have been feeling heart palpitations, vibrations through your body, heart beating faster and harder as if it’s pounding out of your chest.

The essence of our being is shown to each of us now so that we can shift and make the transition. We are allowing this shift to happen, most are unaware on a conscious level unless they have begun to awaken. We are all beacons of light that will begin to blossom and contribute to the health of the plant, and the world shifting to more peace and understanding. This is truly an exciting time in our history, in spite of what the news states, as we are all contributing to the elevation of the planet and ushering in the new world of peace.

Love and light,


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