Leo New Moon Forecast

This new moon is raising the vibration of those who have chosen to ascend at this time. Those who have not chosen to ascend will feel a sense of loss and misfortune because deep within their souls want to ascend; yet the ego is preventing it. The sense of loss comes from the missed opportunity that they will sense but not fully understand on a conscious level.

Healing energy will be showering the earth and all who inhabit during this time. We are being asked to use this energy to heal and release past pain and suffering to make room in our hearts for the transition. We are getting a heart upgrade! woohoo!!

The energy of this new moon is opening the Lions gate on 8/8 – 8/12 and allowing the collective to recharge and create their life’s purpose here in the physical world. It’s important to understand the Lions gate as it relates to humanity because it is a catalyst for change, and the world is changing at a rapid rate. This momentum will slow in the coming months in preparation for the classical transition, which is the ego mind transitioning to the heart.

We will see and hear of loss and destruction during this time because those with the ego mind will fight  those who are acting and speaking from the heart, they are afraid of the transition and will create loss and devastation as a result. Your open heart is a reflection to those who have chosen not to open their hearts. It’s the universes’ way to signal them that somethings wrong and needs to shift.

Those with an open heart will out-pour love onto the planet at an unprecedented rate. The planet will respond with love and heal within from any devastation.

What can we do to help?

Share our hearts with others as much as possible, but especially with those who oppose or challenge us. They will feel the love and have no choice but to respond with love. It’s a universal law! Love begets love. The impact of this simple act, if done by enough people, can shift the loss and devastation on the planet and transform any negative situations you are in with those people.

How do we share our hearts?

Imagine your awareness drop inside of your heart space. Imagine all the love you have for your family, friends, pets, and children. Imagine a golden cord extending from your heart and connecting with all the people who are currently challenging you, and those who have caused you pain and suffering from the past. Imagine the love you have in your heart pouring into their heart through the yellow cord. Do this daily or as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you accept the actions of these people or that you have to let them back into your life in any way. Love has the power to transmute all lower energy and vibration.

How do we open our hearts?

Not to worry, you can make it a conscious effort by showering yourself with love. To do this you will need to be very careful with your thoughts, they will need to reflect love at all times. Check in with your thoughts by paying attention to how you feel, do you feel worthy? Lonely? Afraid? Then pay attention to your emotions which are expressing your feelings. Are you expressing anger and frustration, or are your expressing tolerance and acceptance?  Shift all thoughts not aligned with love and acceptance. The exercise below will help tremendously.

Visualize all the love you have in your heart connected to the ‘Creator of all that is’ by a golden cord. Send all the love you have through the cord to Creator and it will be reflected back to you 10 fold. Continue to shower yourself in love daily.

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