Universal Flow – how does it work?

The universe flows in an upward and downward motion creating pockets.  These pockets are frequency and have a location.  When pockets are created thru thought vibration, ideas emerge.

These ideas are then accessible from your higher self if you are a vibrational match to the frequency, if so, then you have access to those ideas.  Your higher self can take the idea and expand upon it from your own experiences and world view (good or bad), thus creating a unique idea to you.

When thought provokes ideas, you are bound by your own beliefs and constructs which limit the potential of the idea (good or bad), thus limiting your life experiences. In order to release the idea for consumption you must believe it is possible, if not, the idea will remain in thought form and will not manifest in the physical world. Your thoughts are creating your reality for good or for bad.

What does this mean?

First it does NOT mean you are crazy, lazy or dumb because you have been unsuccessful in transforming your life into the life you dream about. It just means you lack the subconscious access required to do the work.  If you could access your subconscious mind and heal whatever needed to be healed, releasing all the stored limiting beliefs, you would unleash the unlimited potential you are designed to have as a Co-Creator. We are all Gods and Goddesses, Co-Creators with the ‘CREATOR OF All THAT IS’ and we are all designed to have UNLIMITED potential.

So why are these limiting constructs & beliefs part of our subconscious mind and how do we remove them?

Your beliefs are a projection of your minds view of the world (your reality). When you were formed and born onto this 3 dimensional plane you were given a blueprint, it’s a map encoded into your DNA. As life unfolds your codes are triggered and you experience life events.  Those events create thoughts and feelings (good or bad, you get to choose them) which in turn creates a belief that is stored in your subconscious mind. Often thoughts and feelings get trapped in a ‘thought pattern’ like a spider web. Thought patterns are a thought which is repeated over and over again, creating a web of thought.

The belief, even if released, can become trapped in the web or thought pattern and continue to affect you (good or bad). The thought pattern must also be released to truly free yourself from the pattern and release the stored beliefs.

What are thoughts? They are your minds reflection on what it is experiencing in real time.

Every thought has a feeling associated with it, they come as a pair. Picture an acorn, the bottom half of the nut is the thought and the cap is the feeling.  The feeling associated with the thought is based on your experience with the thought. Did it make you feel loved, criticized, lonely, warm, cold, empty, safe etc?..…. the thought along with the feeling gets stored in your subconscious as a belief.

Beliefs are the minds understanding of the thought.  Your perception of ‘What Is’ creates your understanding.

In order to change our perception we must exercise faith in ‘All That Is’ in order to create a perception that aligns with our Creator or Source energy. And how do we do that? Change your perception by changing your beliefs.

Emotions are the thought expressing its satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience. Emotions get expressed as anger, resentment,joy, excitement etc… Emotions are expressions designed to give you awareness about the thought, so you can decide if you want more or less of the experience. Emotions, if NOT recognized and released, get stored in the physical body and create illness and disease.



How do we change our stored beliefs? By downloading new feelings and a higher understanding from a consciousness greater than our own, we can then shift the beliefs which are creating the reality because we have the truth. The truth, not the truth as we believe it, but the truth from source allows us to release the beliefs that are no longer serving us. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. In order to do that we need to learn how to access our subconscious mind. ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique that teaches how to gain access to the subconscious mind. The technique teaches how to download everything you will ever need to change and transform your life from source energy. In a nut shell, ThetaHealing® is an energy healing modality which draws in source energy to heal; mind -body -and spirit.

So how do we stop ourselves from continuing to store limiting beliefs?  Stop thinking the thoughts which are limiting, negative, or destructive. Locating and releasing thought patterns will help tremendously. Show yourself how to change the things you DON’T like and create what you DO want through downloads from source energy.

There are ThetaHealing®practitioners all over the world who can help you heal what is no longer working in your current reality. There are also ThetaHealing® Teachers who can teach you how to do this work yourself.

There is no magic pill, changing your reality requires an understanding of Universal Flow and the ability to go deep within the subconscious mind. The answers are already within you.

Love & Light,


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